Ogata Gekko gekko portrait Sugoroku

Sugoroku is the name given to two board games in Japan. One of these is a little like the Western "Snakes and Ladders" and many playing boards/sheets on varied themes were printed in the Meiji and later eras. There are at least 4 sugoroku sheets signed by Gekko. The Zodiac game and the Nisshin Senso game appear to have re-used images contained in 2 of Gekko's small format albums with some additional notation to assist in game play. The third sheet is a spelling game 'Superu re-doru benkyou sugoroku' teaching some English words and letter combinations and is from early in his career. The final sheet is another depicting a military theme.


Nisshin Senso

Nissin Senso Sugoroku 1894


spelling game

The Spelling Game, 1886. 60x70 cms


Zodiac game

The Zodiac Game


military theme

Military themed sugoroku 1893

陸護須 武尚 Warlike spirit defends the land by all means